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And this is our story …

Scarp Realty was first envisioned while we were both in the employ of a retail sales outlet. Having worked side by side through Boxing Day madness and sales frenzies, we knew our commitment to customers service was first class. We both desired the best for our customers and an ethical approach was our rule.

We decided to say “yes” and act on our long term ambition to start our own real estate business. Both having previous real estate experience locally from 2002 to 2012 helped many doors open for us and our timing of securing our lovely premise in Gooseberry Hill was most advantageous for our plans to go ahead.

We are both very fortunate to live within the Shire of Kalamunda and collectively our families have been involved with the local community for over a century. The escarpment bushland and nature is to us a place of beauty, solitude, inspiration and rejuvenation. A place to admire and treasure for ever. This is a sentiment we share with so many we talk to in the local community.

We warmly extend an open invitation for you to visit our office and have a chat about real estate or any other local advise.

You are, as always, most welcome.

Anneli Carson and Justin Urbinati


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