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Thinking about putting your home on the property market this month? If so then you’re not alone, with December and Janurary being a popular time of year to accomplish fantastic sales results.

But with more homes expected to hit the market this month, it’s well worth putting in a little bit of effort to make sure that your home stands out amongst the rest.

Finish any odd jobs

While you might not think that a leaking tap or broken light is a big deal, a buyer might overestimate the cost of repairs to fix it or use it as a reason to discount a property altogether! You always want to leave a buyer with a good first impression, so go around the property and fix up anything that is broken or might concern buyers.

De-clutter from top to bottom

De-cluttering doesn’t just mean emptying your drawers, but also reconsidering whether you need all of your ornaments and furniture around while your home is on the market. Try to create lots of open areas and space so that prospective buyers can imagine what they might do with it all. If you have more furniture than you know what to do with, then storage rental could be an option.

Street appeal

Tidy up your front yard and ensure that your property puts the appeal in “Street appeal”. Spend a weekend clearing up weeds and garden beds and replacing anything that’s damaged also fresh mulch can a crisp look. Take a photo of the front of your house to get an idea of what buyers will see when they look at your house and ask yourself if there is anything that looks out of place or needs fixing.


If your property needs a general freshen up then you might like to consider painting and/or installing new floors. Light and neutral colours are generally recommended, but if you’re not sure then ask your local paint or floor supplier what’s currently popular or check out the colours of new or renovated homes in your area for inspiration.

Come in and chat to Scarp Realty

It’s well worth getting in touch with us here at Scarp Realty as early in the selling process as possible to discuss what can be done at your property to help prepare it for sale. Everyone’s property is different, so come and have a chat to find out what buyers in your area are looking for. Or if we can help assist you in anyway please just let us know.

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