Since its opening in May 2016 Kalamunda Modern has been a constant in the Perth Hills.

Taking its name as a play on The Tate Modern in London, Kalamunda Modern, the gallery, has been true to its concept of bringing international art and new stimulus to the eclectic arts scene of Perth and the surrounding area.

Surrounded by all the amenities of Kalamunda and the Perth Hills, it attracts not only local art enthusiasts but also visitors and collectors from far afield.

The gallery, its sign of recognition being the giant Bobtail registered on Wikipedia’s Australia’s largest sculptures, is situated in the most singular and stunning building in Kalamunda on Stirk Street and was purposely designed and built to suit its function.

It is an independent art gallery offering a gallery space served by impressive, large glass doors behind its curved wall, visitor parking, large office with solid wood flooring, large storage room with double sinks, tiled floors and disabled toilet facilities, all state of the art.

Special features such as the practicality of a polished concrete floor, high bamboo ceilings, walls especially conceived for hanging art and a working elevation in the office make this a desirable and flexible workspace.

The gallery is suited for diverse creative situations such artist’s studio and exhibition space or even change of use which is worth making your independent enquiries with the city of Kalamunda. With its proximity to all amenities in the centre of Kalamunda, this is a rare and superior option for the discerning taste combined with all necessities.

Please be advised that the art gallery is defined as “means a place open to the public where the predominant use is the sale and display of artwork”. Also note that any change to the existing use or additional use will require approval from the City of Kalamunda.

*Gallery space only for sale, artwork not included.